Welcome to the Charing Cross Hospital Trophoblast Disease Service

On this web site we hope to give an introduction to molar pregnancies and gestational trophoblast disease that will be of value to our patients, referring medical teams and other interested readers and health professionals.

All forms of gestational trophoblast diseases are rare and we are fortunate in the UK to have a national service for their follow up and treatment. The centre at Charing Cross was established by the Department of Health in 1973 and has treated over 3500 patients with the various forms of trophoblast disease giving us the largest experience of this disease worldwide.

From the menus to the side you can get a whole range of information including the practicalities of follow-up and hCG monitoring after a molar pregnancy, what to expect if you need admission to Charing Cross for treatment, the results of the most recent research and publications from the unit and also a link to our patients forum to share experiences and offer others support.


June 2018

Change in Practice- Post pregnancy hCG follow-up on molar pregnancy patients.

In July 2017 we ceased monitoring any pregnancies subsequent to molar pregnancy in women with a single molar event not requiring chemotherapy. Data analysis shows the risk of developing recurrent/new disease is extremely low at 1:4,110. For women with multiple moles (more than one) and women treated with chemotherapy we continue to monitor.


This data will be published shortly and will be reflected in the forthcoming revised  RCOG guidelines.

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